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Welcome To RMDY Yoga

RMDY ( rem•e•dy ) Yoga is a Rocket / Vinyasa yoga studio that will be hosted by Xtra Mile Running! The store will offer weekly classes where all levels of yogis are welcome. Whether you’re a total beginner or high level, you can benefit from slowing down in foundational poses that address runners and walkers bodies alike, targeting tightness and creating a space for mindful flexibility for any BODY! This includes includes all walking and running humans.

Can’t make it to the store? Not comfortable with classes in person yet? We have a FriYAY Flow 6A every week on ZOOM! Check the schedule below for more info.

Yoga is without question a personal pursuit. The practice is unique to the individual, and although we may follow a similar path, each person has their own unique yoga journey.

Carson Clay Calhoun

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RMDY yoga

Founded in 2021 by Chelsea Hunter RYT 200 HR

a yoga studio based at Xtra Mile Running,

Do you have more questions about our yoga studio or the yoga classes we offer here? Get in Touch!

31 W Schaumburg Rd Schaumburg, IL 60194

Schedule and store hours are subject to change.

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