Runn-ING and Work-ING are constants.

Of all of the “ING”s I do running is the one constant that remains the same – I run about 2-5 days a week and average 15-35 miles – sound like a large swing there? Balancing all of this DO-ing and runnings is a delicate balance and it requires CONSTANT compromise.

Running is a moving mediation for me. It helps me to clear my head and think through strategies for work, life, and family. I run on a team called FAST TRACK RACING TEAM and I love the friendships and commraderie of working together towards common goals.

In addition to family and momming – I also work full time.

  • I work factory direct in a sales capacity for a family owned US based manufacturer of low voltage connectivity (wire and jacks that power wirelss access points and fiber to support data centers that house websites like THIS!)
  • I work remotely always (not just during shelter in place) so I make my own schedule and try to keep my work life balance a dynamic and productive one!
This is me with the CEO, me, and VP of sales of my company, I won an award in Jan 2020 in support of our company’s intelligent building initiatives!

This blog is not about running

This blog is not about running – but I might mention it occasionally (like how I will get a coat of chalkboard paint, run ten miles, then come back and spackle it and paint again when I get back) and now you know why!

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