Pink Chalkboard Wall

As with most homebuyers with wallpapered rooms, I have heavily researched removing said wallpaper to refresh my daughters room and give it her own style.

Removing it seemed like a pain (an arduous, tedious, messy, pain in the butt) and I was nervous about approaching this project with so many methods. Scraping, scoring, different concoctions to “loosen” it – SO many different ways of approaching it and even COVERING it had lots of options.

SO – (after a successful attempt in MY BEDROOM) I decided to paint over it!

Common theme in and around my home is VINES and GREEN – the woman who lived here LOVeD BoTH!
This picture is POST de cluttering – dont think its always this clean!

K’s room had wallpaper on the top half with a border along the windows and the whole middle room. Since every seam of the border would show under paint, I started by spackling over these areas!

After this dried, I sanded, and vacuumed all the areas that I spackled and taped the trim to keep pink OFF of it!

Speaking of PINK – my husband went to get the chalkboard paint from Lowes and got one pint of KRYLON CHALKBOARD Tintable Paint in a color (potentially) called. “Rose Dust.” Opening the can I was startled that this was VERY PINK PAINT and decided to go ahead with a coat figuring that I had to cover this wall paper and needed a base coat either way – three coats of paint was necessary MINIMUM.

This was very pink. In fact, too pink for K (and me πŸ™ˆ)

First coat of paint went on and while MANY paints dry drastically darker or DIFFERENT than how the “wet” paint looks in the can – this one did NOT. It stayed SUPER SUPER PINK. Bubble gum pink? Pepto pink? In the time of COVID, Lowes was open so I threw on my mask and head out to get a new can!

At Lowes, there was ONE CAN of paint left. Apparently tintable chalkboard is ALL. THE. RAGE. The brochure to the left of the paint had 17 options (I didn’t like any of them ha ha) and I asked the paint team to help.

A QUICK NOTE and somewhat of a TANGENT - THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WORKING IN HOME IMPROVEMENT DURING COVID_19 SHELTER IN PLACE!!! People stuck at home are understandably rushing to Home Depot, ACE, Lowes, etc with all sorts of "stay at home" projects to complete. The face masked paint guys at LOWES were constantly recieving questions (in 6 feet increments mind you) when I was standing there and they were as patient as can be!

Very eager and happy to help me, the kindly paint crew gentleman let me know that he remembers my husband coming in and that the brochure that was next to the paint ISN’T the one we should use for tinting the chalk board paint I wanted. This was as confusing as it seems AND the first PINK paint my husband bought was not labled so I dont know the color or where it came from. To make matters somewhat worse my husband is color blind so shades aren’t his jam – FUN!

Taking this in stride, we both looked online for colors and then back at the paint swatches in the store – since there was always a difference!

The difference in these two colors was big!

The color on the right – Peruvian pom Pom covered what was on the left, which smelled fairly of peppermint πŸ˜‰

I used the rest of the pink pink pink to add another layer of coverage over the ivy and started edging in with the new color! At this point, once I used the new color, all the bubble gum area would be covered – mission accomplished!

After two coats we noticed that some of the wallpaper was popping up because of the moisture. The spackle was for two reasons – ONE – to keep the edges of the wallpaper from showing under the new paint and TWO – to keep the paint from getting to the edges of the wallpaper. The paint moisture can stop the wallpaper adhesive from working and it could potentially peel away. My husband stepped in with a razor knife and simply cut these areas out and after the paint dried for two hours, we spackled them again!

Four coats!

Here we are at FOUR coats of paint – 2 of “bubble gum” and 2 of “peruvian pom pom” – while I wanted a much “dustier rose” color, I am going to see how this looks with some big white chalk flowers!

I think it turned out great!

Drawn on, but the rest of the room is still waiting for a few coats of off white!!

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