Where Else Can I Put Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard walls are so last blog post < wink > ever wonder where else to put chalkboard paint? This post is a shorty but a goody – just some more ideas for you on alternate chalk board surface ideas. Before I knew it came in different colors, I was eager to add some contrast in my new, recently decarpted, very light colored home. As you can see by this poorly shot, “before pic” the bottom of my entry stairs were dirty and lifeless.

Taped it off, and followed those pesky, tedious but SIMPLE chalkboard paint instructions and started. Whatever the surface, you still have to let it cure for 3 days – DONT FORGET!

light chalk rubbed all over again and started to add the chalk flowers that inspired this project – Pinterest chalk board flowers for the win! It’s harder than it looks to draw in these tight nooks and crannies, believe me. I am very pleased with the results!

Walking up the stairs from my garage – was a large white wall bordering the pantry in my kitchen. All the cabinets are white and the wallpaper is yellow with green leaves and red berries – I thought it would be a nice POP of contrast to put a CHALK BOARD here too!

The end result was a great area to put grocery lists, friendly notes, and additionally, some refreshing dark contrast to the light EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.

It isn’t rocket science, but adding chalkboard in these places brought the opportunity to update decor for various holidays and events and makes a fun space for pictures as well! Take the plunge and throw up a board in an area that is dull or hard to hang artwork – it might make the PERFECT place!!

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