Always Washing and Drying

As we make small adjustments and updates to our house, we bite off little bits here and there. Adulting is the real deal people, and home-ownership, whether it is a home on a lot or a condo, is a lifelong venture. I like to look at owning a home like the ultimate hobby and is one of the reasons I wanted to write a blog. Most of my crafts and diy projects are directly related to my surroundings and desire to create the home look I have in my mind.

Buying a house built in the 50s, you are bound have some funky spaces – and I lucked out on the neutral bones of this house. White shades, windows, cabinets, trim and wood floors. Sure, I had some interesting wallpaper combinations and flat paint to deal with, but the cosmetic stuff has been addressed little by little, as you have seen!

Layout is different, room size and window placement is no longer a diy sort of project. Large structural projects lend themselves to multiple bids, lengthy timelines, and have a range of budgets to consider. My laundry room is an example of a space that I just have to work within for the time being.

Our home is a “raised ranch” – all of the main floor is on one level and there is a half flight of stairs to get to our bedrooms and main bathroom over the garage. Our laundry room is in the garage, down a half flight of stairs. Its super cute, has a door and heating and cooling and was a bright yellow color with many dated off white plastic accessories and some elfa shelving.

picture from redfin

Typical laundry set up plus medical grade stainless steel mirror and lots and lots of YELLOW. Not pictured, some broom clips and faded plastic knobs in addition to a single light bulb fixture up above. Not horrible and very functional with a few caveats. This washer and dryer set up worked well for single, 70+ year old homeowner with her (assumed) minimal loads.

My children each probably change more often in one day individually than she did in ONE WEEK.

That said, I also have 5 humans to keep clean clothes on and the washer wasn’t keeping up. The other issue was the electric dryer and the length of time it took to dry normal loads of clothing. Also, since this dryer was older than the more efficient electric dryers currently on the market, the cost to run it repeatedly added up for us. Al this being the case, new appliances weren’t in the budget and not on the radar for us only having purchased the house only 15 months ago. Finding a washer and dryer was a daunting task, comparing, shopping, and the whole process of changing out the appliances was too much.

This all changed when we found out a close friends’ sister was moving out of a rental property and didn’t want to leave the laundry appliances they had just purchased 2 years earlier. So there you have it – a gently used, solid, front loading and gas drying electrolux washer and dryer at over 75% off retail! We took the opportunity and began planning the space! From start to finish the whole process took about a month – without laundry for about a week and a half and that was WORTH IT.

Next steps aren’t DIY – be forwarned! Running a gas pipe to this new dryer is a professional job and we also had some help with the tape job once it was completed! I also need to mention that we borrowed my brother and his truck to help grab these bad boys – and with the amount of recent garage organizing we have been through (not pictured or mentioned ha ha) we had space to put the new washer and dryer while we worked! Lastly, some significant electrical work was also done here and I had some serious professional support from my dad and husband/

Notice the old shelving brackets that have been painted yellow as well as the mirror that has been removed and will now be painted over.

At this point, everything is taped and spackled and ready to be painted! I went on a deep dive into Sherwin Williams and their most popular grays and decided on this color — REPOSE GRAY. I didn’t realize until I started researching that this was more of a rabbit hole than I expected! I guess since most of my paint choosing experience was for chalk usage my color choices where always a bit less nuetral. There are blogs upon blogs devoted to the various shades of available paint. Gray, greige (a combo of gray and beige) and neutral whites (yes there are MANY whites) and off whites are some of the most plentiful! I was going to use agreeable gray but enjoyed the more lilac undertones in the repose gray – I will leave it at that.

As you can see from the above, depending on which angle you are looking at this gray looks drastically different. While my laundry room is small, I love the white trim and bright window – its a great space! At this point, I also borrowed the help of a friendly carpenter to make a stand for my new-ish washer and dryer. I chose to paint this as well and went with the same family of gray to go to a darker GAUNTLET GRAY for the base. I also painted the plywood counter top that was given to me so it could match!


The transformation of this room with paint is exactly what I was looking for. I painted all the previously painted conduit and left the gas line bare – so that I could add additional galvanized pipe for hanging clothes and other uses, in the future. The base was a glossier finish and I did two coats on the base before finishing up!

So there you have it! It isn’t a spectacular LAYOUT transformation but it is a much more efficient washer and dryer and use of space!! As you can see in the first picture, there was a short table between the dryer and the wall – the space beneath it was a waste and unusable. Also, like a ditz, I didn’t get a true before picture with the stacks of clutter above the washer and dryer. In the new space, I used a small cabinet that my husband had from a left over job and painted the plywood on top the same gauntlet gray that I used on the base. The old Elfa rack systems were placed on the opposite wall for high above storage as opposed to lower and above the washer and dryer. Lastly, I thought it would look nice to cover the slop sink with some trim white painted plywood to match the adjacent cabinet, it doesn’t have a door but it can be shimmied back and forth to continue to store things beneath the sink and keep a clean look.

The space is bright and inviting – exactly what you look for in a laundry space!

FINALLY – I would like to bring attention to the small silver box above the dryer. When we purchased this house, we knew the breaker box had been updated but there were a lack of available outlets around the home in addition to many outlets painted over rendered unusable. My father and husband worked together on updating the outlets to the dryer and since it required less electric, they were able to extend the extra wiring to the exterior of the house! We have an electrical outlet OUTSIDE PEOPLE!!!

One thought on “Always Washing and Drying

  1. LRJ Carpentry was the Carpenter. Great job at a fair price!
    Northfield Mechanical was the HVAC contractor. Again great outfit!
    My wife did a great job! She runs a tight ship!

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