I am Starting A Yoga Studio!

Sort of. Well, yes, yes I am! Since a “yoga studio” consists of a space where yoga is taught and or being done, and I am going to be supporting a space for runners and walkers to practice with me (by partnering with Xtra Mile Running), we will be making the space a yoga studio, together!

I started my yoga teacher training to learn more about the history and fundamentals of the practice and to challenge myself, not necessarily with the intention to teach, well, yoga. Quite frankly, I was crazy intimated by the whole thing and wasn’t sure my cycle teaching experience would cross over. I think it did, a little at least, and I truly enjoyed my experience and learned A TON. (More on that later) I was 2 months into the 2.5 month long training when I discovered there was might be a space for me to teach yoga at Xtra Mile Running, a running store in Schaumburg, IL. Family owned and about to move to a larger space, the owner, Chris, had plans for a space for some sort of classes, but he wasn’t sure what exactly what.

Enter random covid style chatting while purchasing my favorite NUUN watermelon at tha mile (aka, Xtra Mile Running). Given our current environment, since we are separated from adults for the most part, this lead to very frequent masked in-store conversations when I DID run into friends or catch them on the phone. Chris found out I was learning to teach and asked me if I would be interested in supporting weekly classes – seemed to good too be true!

Spoiler alert, it IS NOT TOO GOOD to be true!!! We are going to be able to offer classes beginning April 18th at Xtra Mile’s NEW LOCATION at 31 W Schaumburg Rd! Timing is awesome for us both – while Chris is settling into the new luxurious space, I have been setting up schedules, making logos, and creating the new face of this website which will now host our yoga company in addition to the Hunter on the Run Blog!

What Kind of Yoga will be Taught?

There are LOTS of styles of yoga out there! MY training was in Rocket and Vinyasa yoga so I will be offering classes in these styles. Rocket has roots in Ashtanga and was designed to give any BODY an engaging and active yoga experience. The practice of Ashtanga often offers very difficult transitions and technical poses, but Rocket style allows for options that give benefits to a variety of bodies! Vinyasa basically means linking breath intentionally to each movement. The term Vinyasa is derived from nyasa, meaning “to place,” and vi, meaning “in a special way.”  This indicates that we are not “throwing our bodies around” but are bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment. We will be taking full breaths in and out as we find ourselves in a pose, sometimes holding the pose for many rounds of breaths (1-3 rounds of full inhale and exhale) to allow for some mindful focus too. Asanas (poses) that stretch hamstrings, opening shoulders/hips, and forward folds help runners to avoid injuries!


the same muscles and fascia that are we will work during class for running and walking are also those that we tend to get tightness from the following activities:

  • typing all day
  • hunching over a desk, riding a bike, or leaning over a person in a dentists chair
  • sitting in any fashion, for lengths of time
  • standing all day on your feet
  • picking up children and/or carrying them
  • cleaning
  • gardening
  • swimming

If you haven’t realized yet, while RMDY yoga classes were born of the idea to support runners bodies and minds, our classes can be applied to every BODY. Finding time to destress is hard enough these days, and self care often takes a back seat to life’s many responsibilities ( in my humble opinion ) so check out our classes and maybe we can do a little of both together!

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Currently, there are Covid 19 restrictions for the store per the county health department. Mask requirements will be dictated by local government and are required once entering Xtra Mile. Our space will NOT be heated over normal temperature and everyone will be spaced to keep our distance will we practiced.

We will have a simple pay as you drop in fee with class passes for a discount per session. If you have any questions, please feel free to find us on social media and direct message @rmdyyoga! The class schedule will be available online with ability to register for classes HERE!

Can’t wait to see you in class, please join us soon!

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