Why can’t I Play Popular Music in my Instagram Stories

Hi Kids, Chelsea here, amateur crafter, yoga and spin teacher, and Instagram NOVICE. I recently started an Instagram page for my RMDY Yoga efforts and immediately chose to create a business account with Insta – for free – and got all sorts of fun tools and insights into each one of my posts! I got some free promotional abilities to sponsor an ad, info on account growth with tallies of followers AND many other data to analyze and put to business use! Instagram and Facebook are integral parts of promoting ones endeavors, whether they be blogs, weavings, paintings, or yoga.

The Logo You Know And Love

I manage multiple accounts on instagram, one for my running club, and one for my personal life (its a Chatbooks addiction, actually, but more on that later), and adding this account to the mix was a breeze with Instagram’s log in features – multiple accounts at the swap of a finger! I enjoy posting to Instagram, it is like my scrap book and RMDY yoga posts are intended to show my personal practice as well as my classes. MUSIC is a huge part of this In my personal Hunter On The Run account, I use popular music all the time, adding to stories or to reels as the mood strikes me. The MUSIC button on the stories is used CONSTANTLY and I have almost every song at my beck and call.


Why can’t I find any popular music when I try to post reels and stories in my RMDY account. WHY!??! All I have available to me is a list of songs I have never heard of – unknown artists and when I search for anyone even remotely popular – KISS, Sheryl Crow, or DMB, NADA.

I searched on the interwebs looking for answers, only to find a bunch of info about licensing in Europe and that if you post a song without t y p i n g o u t **I do not own the rights to this music** you will find your post booted off Insta for violating licensing laws. There was a bunch of articles about the music sticker not being available in stories (I didn’t have that issue) and how to add music in general but NOTHING, NOT ONE THING, about the popular music being GONE.

I thought maybe I had too many accounts? Tried to delete one of my unused instagram accounts (don’t ask me why I have many ha ha) and they won’t actually eliminate the unused account for another month (palm to face) so that helps me very little at the moment.

So, I have been trying to figure this out for a month and it occurs to me that my professional account isn’t really necessary. The professional part, anyway. So I changed @RMDYyoga back to a personal account…….

Personal Account = ALL MUSIC

Professional = Obscure Royalty Free Music

Make Your Choice!

It’s that’s simple. Music licensing doesn’t allow you to use music with royalties when you are legally defining your account as a professional one. You would have to pay the artist to use their song, just like CHEVY paying Bob Seger for “Like a Rock.” Instead, they make available to you a bunch of royalty FREE music that doesn’t require any sort of licensing, much of which you haven’t heard of. So, make your choice, have a professional account and play music in the background, specifically noting that you don’t own the rights, pick from a bunch of free music, OR go back to a personal account and play every artist you want skipping the “free” business tools instagram offers.


Professional accounts have a ton of options and free tools to help your business but don’t allow you to use popular music!

Me, figuring this out.

Drops Mic.


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