Hi, My Name is Chelsea, and I am a Runner, Yoga Teacher, and Maker

I am not always running but I am always “on the run” DOING – making, sewing, writing, painting, drawing, remodeling, etc. If you can add an “ing” to it, I am going to add it to my list! DO-ING ALL. THE. THINGS.

A few years ago we moved into our dream neighborhood with our family of 5 – one girl, two boys, a husband and a cat and dog into a house that has amazing clean neutral bones but needed some updating.

  • I like to try to do or make something myself because I come from a family of makers and tradesmen and married an electricition turned general contractor and have always been surrounded by “fests” in which my family comes over and does the thing together + food and drink. AKA – fence fest – build a fence (a whole dang fence), TILE fest! You get the picture.
  • There is a satisfaction of doing something with your own two hands.

My BLOG site now has a new focus – YOGA

My fitness is a big part of my life, and in addition to running (see my first blog post) I participate in yoga and teach spinning once a week at Lifetime Fitness! Due to covid restrictions, my teaching revolved around government health mandates and in December of 2020 during another halt in classes, I signed up for a yoga teacher training virtually with Carson Calhoun. I completed my training in February 2021 at which point I started RMDY Yoga at Xtra Mile Running!

I will continue to write blogs about my making adventures, but as I LOVE to teach, it is taking a bigger focus in my life. I have updated Hunter On The Run to include and support RMDY yoga (pronounced rem•e•dy) which comes from “run miles, do yoga” aka run miles, get sore and tight muscles, and do yoga for relief and injury prevention!!

In addition to our yoga schedule, you will find blogs on needle felting, crocheting, gardening, growing, digging, sewing (upholstery), camping, painting ALL the Chalkboard + Magnet too, writing, organizing, and CONSTANT decluttering.

I look forward to you joining me, in yoga class or in reading a blog I wrote!