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We are still doing ALL the projects, just doing some YOGA too <wink>

What is Rocket Yoga?

I am sure you are super excited to join me in a class, or have already done so and thought, what the heck is rocket yoga? Lots of us have practiced yoga, in some form or another, but few of us (I know I never did) look into the lineage of our particular practice. When…

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I am Starting A Yoga Studio!

Our efforts will be centered around running, walking, and the typically tight areas that arise from those activities. Stretching hamstrings, opening shoulders/hips, and forward folds help runners to avoid injuries!

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I Signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training

I am not sure what I was thinking, as the holidays are fast approaching and Christmas is consuming quite a bit of time plus the children will be home for a few weeks and its getting too cold to kick them outside anymore (for lengths of time anyways) but I did a thing. Another thing,…

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Finding a Home for all the Movies: King of DVDs

I just looked up the word cinephile. My husband is one, and technically, I am too. The computer told me it wasn’t spelled right when I sounded it out as I typed it and I thought – maybe it isn’t a word? I used it when I was out with friends a few nights ago…

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Crock Pot Butternut Squash Chili – the autumn recipe you didn’t know you needed along with a few other fall favorites.

Something about fall makes me think about gourds, squash and of course, PUMPKINS! Besides pumpkins however, there also is an abundance of other squash and with the availability through the roof September through November I start to incorporate them into my dishes more frequently. As my favorite fall squash and often forgotten orange fleshed vegetable,…

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Making Borax Crystals

Borax is all the rage based on my experience in not finding a {single box} at FOUR grocery stores. It is typically found in the laundry detergent aisle and is around $5 for a smallish 4 1/2 pound box. I know this because energetic poodle walking neighbor was walking past my house and suggested to…

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